some projects

linear/non-linear solver for multiple symbolic equations ++ digital platform for detailed building description ++ web-crawler and match-finder (AI) for recruiter and prospects ++ campaign manager for telephone marketing ++ full-automated generation of photo-books ++ analysis of time-series in 'real-time' of production data ++ setup and training of neural networks for various purposes (e.g. photo book, match-maker, time-series analysis, … ) ++ Voice detection/recognition ++ Pattern recognition ++ analysis and optimization of algorithms (time complexity)

Business process management design (BPMN) + integration/implementation ++ Design of process data analysis tools (API/HMI/UI/Server) with flexible model, rule and data structure definition ++ various tools for data visualization ++ highly secured 'data gate' (RSA/AES) btw. multiple production sites via (MQTT) with the need of data enrichment and load-balancing

Special HTTP/CSS/JS projects e.g. to support SEO despite client-side-rendering of pages